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The proper maintenance of your Synthetic Turf surface will keep your field looking and playing at its best beyond its normal years.


Natural State Turf (NST) field maintenance programs are geared towards making Synthetic Turf surfaces perform at their optimal level for years beyond their lifespan.  Our program is comprised of a thorough field inspection and regular maintenance done only by NST experienced staff.

NST staff will visit your facility for regularly scheduled maintenance which consists of:


Inspection of the field to assess the condition of turf, infill and identify any problem areas.

De-compacting of the infill to help assure safe playability and to improve G-MAX performance.

Grooming of the entire field, using NST approved equipment, to perform extensive fiber brushing. This process is designed to uncover buried fibers and restore a uniform infill depth over the entire playing surface.

Sanitization of approved antimicrobial disinfectant.

Cleaning and Removal of all unwanted materials, foreign objects (ferrous materials) that can cause unsafe conditions and debris from the field area.


A Comprehensive Inspection of all Areas of the Surface, Including:


  • Fiber Fibrillation Analysis Infill - Consistency in Depth

  • Seam Analysis Infill - Migration Analysis

  • Perimeter Anchoring Glued Inlay Analysis

  • Excessive Wear Analysis Base Stability Analysis

  • UV Fade Inspection Painted Markings Inspection.


Other services offered by our maintenance professionals include:


  • Field Sanitization

  • Seam Repairs

  • Sponsorship Logo Panels (Insertion, Removal, or Repair)

  • GMAX Testing

  • Ceremony and Dedication Event Coordination


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